The Bi-Office brand was created in 1998, and became one of the most important motors of the company’s growth. Currently, Bi-Office represents quality, versatility and functionality that gives the company a competitive advantage and establishes the brand as a leader in its area.

Bi-office offers a wide range of choices for equipping offices and home offices. Working hard to improve visual communication hardware, we are able to present innovative solutions every year. Our boards are cleverly designed to make it easier to organise teams and everyday tasks. Managing projects is simpler when all is clearly visible to all concerned. User-friendly and carefully built, Bi-office products stand out whenever quality is considered.



Lockable Boards

Notice Boards

Mobile Boards & Easels

Flipchart Pads

Aluminium Framed Whiteboard

Letter Board Aluminium Frame

A Frame Chalk Board

Chalk Board

Schoolmate Laptop Boards

Interchangeable Characters

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